New York Comic-Con 2018: Sonequa Martin-Green at the “Star Trek: Discovery” Panel

Posted on October 08, 2018

Two reasons to be giving Miss Sonequa the shoutout here. First, while this ensemble may not be flawlessly executed in every way, it’s got two major things going for it:


It’s FUN and it’s BOLD. We’re not sure we’d praise a flannel shirt with a ruffled train under normal circumstances, but this is Comic-Con, she’s Sonequa, and we absolutely love the way she’s got it styled, with the silver trimmed jeans and silver sandals. We even like the green metallic lip color, which gives it just that little bit of extra-ness that Comic-Con calls for. Our only quibble is that it could be better fitted around the waist or it could use a belt.

The OTHER reason to give her the spotlight is because it’s a jumping-off point to talk about this:





Which, we have to say, looks pretty darn fun. We have serious issues with the show’s insistence on tying itself to the OG so tightly and we really have no interest in someone else doing a Leonard Nimoy impersonation. And while the hardcore Trekkers may still have issues with how little the show looks like the OG series, we can’t help but be dazzled by the space opera glory of it all and the expensive-looking special effects. We ran down our feelings about the troubled first season in a couple of posts, but the bottom line is, we’re happy to see a fun, adventurous  version of Star Trek on our home screens, even if it doesn’t fit the mythos exactly as tightly as it could have.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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