Kim Kardashian Keeps it Klassy in Rick Owens at the Tiffany Blue Book Collection Event

Posted on October 10, 2018

Kimmy did not observe the “dress to showcase the diamonds” rule for attending Tiffany-sponsored events. Instead, she wore something typically head-turning in a hideous sort of way and then just sort of held up the diamonds for display, in that very klassy way that is her brand.


The fate of Project Runway is currently up in the air, but we know for a fact that they’re not currently shooting a season of the show. Which means our initial suggestion that she may have been the guest judge for the “Make a Red Carpet Look Out of The Dirty Ikea Sheets in Your Room” challenge can’t possibly be the explanation as to why she’s wearing this dingy, cheapass-looking, pinned-up schmatta.

Do we sound bitchy? Very well, then. We sound bitchy. But as much power as she has to bring eyeballs to any brand she deigns to spotlight, we can’t imagine the old-school folks at the Tiffany brand actually think this look makes for a good match to their brand. We’re not suggesting it’s too sexy or revealing. It’s just so badly designed and looks so poorly made.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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