Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez at the “All I Have” Las Vegas After-Party

Posted on October 01, 2018

True story: We thought the backdrop said “Planned Parenthood” and we were all sorts of ready to say, “Hey, good for A Rod for wearing pink.” Unfortunately, things did not work out as we envisioned once we realized it actually said “Planet Hollywood” and once the full picture came into view:


Man, are we torn about this. First, let’s say that the both look outrageously, exhaustingly tacky. Admittedly, they’re in the right place for it and we’d also go so far as to say that they’re the right people to work tacky styles and possibly make them look good. They’re on point, in other words. Won’t take that away from either of them. Further, we’d say J Lo is absolutely fine, given that it’s a Vegas music industry party given in her honor. This is her brand and she knows how to make this kind of look come off fun and cheeky/sexy. We actually kind of love when she’s wearing the leopard coat (How could we not?), just for leaning so hard in on the whole idea of the look. As for him, he’s filling out that shirt incredibly well and we’ll never yell at a straight guy for wearing pink, but those pants are hideous. They are SHINY and PINK. We don’t mind the latter in theory, but never with a pink shirt. The former? We’re trying to come up with a time and place when shiny pants look stylish on a guy and we’re coming up blank. We’ll give it to the model in the runway shot. He’s making a shiny pink suit work for him. And maybe, if the fit was right, he could make the full ensemble work, but as-is, it’s not working for us at all. Wear your pink proudly, A Rod. But as in all things style-related, wear it well and wear it smart. This ain’t it. Her look is fun and flattering tackiness. His tries but doesn’t quite get there.




Style Credits:
Jennifer Lopez: Tom Ford Gold Metallic Ensemble and Animal Print Coat from the Fall 2018 Collection | Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes
Alex Rodriguez: Tom Ford Pink Ensemble from the Fall 2018 Collection

Styled by Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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