Ellie Kemper Signs Copies of Her New Book “My Squirrel Days”

Posted on October 09, 2018


Well, we can’t say Miss Ellie’s a slouch in the personal branding department. Not only is she dressed to match her book cover, but she’s also working a sort of upscale Kimmy Schmidt look:

Guess once you find out you can work a marigold shade to perfection, you just wanna run with it as much as you can. She looks really cute. We can see that this is the week all the celebs decided to opt for sneakers rather than formal footwear. This is the way things are trending at the moment, as there seems to be a distinct Millennial-driven rejection of dress shoes in the zeitgeist. We think sneakers with suits or dresses can look incredibly cute and fresh, so long as they’re paired well. White kicks would not have been our suggestion for a yellow dress and black leather jacket, though.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, simonandschuster.com]

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