Darren Criss, Friendly, Non-Threatening Punk, at the Beyond GLAAD Spirit Day Concert

Posted on October 19, 2018

Darlings, we’re switching things up a little in today’s T Lo Self-Care Lounge For the Male-Oriented Gaze. Instead of muffins and teas, there are an assortment of pies and Champagnes to choose from. Instead of a well-dressed stud, we offer something more along the lines of a cute, friendly puppy.

A cute, friendly puppy who’s trying a little too hard to establish his punk bona fides while remaining a cute, friendly puppy. Still, it’s the cuteness and the friendliness we’re interested in here. Have some pie and consider what his hair must feel like. It’ll help you get through your morning.

EDITED TO ADD: NEW INFORMATION! It turns out Darren’s a repeat dresser, because these pics are from this year and last year’s event. Oh, well. Enjoy the puppyhood and marvel at his consistent styling. It ALSO turns out that his little bit of punk appropriation is wittily on point. “God Save the Queer.”


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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