Chloë Moretz Puts on Her Best Face, in Simone Rocha at ELLE’s Women in Hollywood Celebration

Posted on October 16, 2018

We used to sing this gal’s praises as a budding fashionista and admirable style risk-taker. In the years since her red carpet debut, it seems like she has insisted on proving us wrong as often as she can. Case in point:


What even IS this mess?

We admit we have something of a thing about giant faces on certain styles of garment. We don’t think we’ve ever seen the motif work on a dress. We are willing to be open-minded about the idea, but not when the dress-wearer refuses to concede that she’s much shorter than a model and that the waist hits her at a point that causes the most prevalent design element of the textile to be reduced to a wrinkly, purse-lipped cartoon head. As with so many of her style choices, they go wrong mainly because she refuses to dress for the body she has.

Still, even if this fit her correctly and the face wasn’t forced to go all prune-y, we still wouldn’t like this. The dress is just too weird and distracting for a red carpet and we don’t think the design is all that pretty. We also don’t even understand where those shoes came from, since they have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of it. It’s just a bad look made worse by some poor styling and a wearer who insists it can work for her when it clearly can’t.




Style Credits:
– Simone Rocha Dress from the Spring 2019 Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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