Cathy Cambridge Gets Edgy in Erdem at the V&A Photography Centre Opening

Posted on October 11, 2018

Why Mrs. Cathy. You’re out in public with your edges all frayed.



LOVE it. We’ll refrain from reading too much into the why of it all, but Cathy’s been showing a distinctly re-energized approach to her style ever since she came back from baby leave. We suspect she simply took this time to do a minor assessment/overhaul. She’s been in the role long enough to be considered fully established and more or less above reproach. It’s possible she simply feels confident and comfortable enough to notice some habits and patterns that needed a little tweaking. Whatever spurred it on, we’re happy to see, since her style had fallen into nearly undiscussable genericness for a while there.

It’s a great dress; stylish, sharp and modern but with a stately and dignified sort of presentation. We knew at first glance the sash wasn’t part of the original design because it clearly doesn’t go. Great color choice, though. That wine red looks fantastic in the footwear.

And yes, we will be those bitches: If Meghan wore this, there would be five thousand articles about how she violated protocol because she exposed her shoulders or eschewed traditional hemming techniques. You know it’s true.


Style Credits:
Erdem ‘Iman’ Off-the-shoulder Embellished Bouclé-tweed Midi Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection
Erdem Floral Hoop Drop Earring
Jimmy Choo Clutch and Pumps

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,,,]

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