Cathy Cambridge and Meghan Markle Dash Into Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

Posted on October 12, 2018

Like good members of the fam (and just all-around not terrible attention-seekers) Megs and Cathy made quick and unfussy beelines straight into the church so as not to pull attention away from the bride. Good for them, but they also made sure to wear deep, rich colors to make them stand out. AttaDuchesses.


Cathy Cambridge in Alexander McQueen

Clearly, post-third child, Mrs. Cathy is having herself something of a wine moment. Not that we would suggest she’s having a little prime mommy time and faithfully observing wine o’clock every day; just that she’s holding on tightly to those wine-red pumps she wore the other day and now she’s built a whole look around them. She looks great; bold and colorful, but appropriately demure and professional in tone – or as professional as one can look with a fabric bird’s nest on their head.

Meghan Markle in Givenchy

It’s interesting to us that she chose a long, straight silhouette here. If that coat had a nipped or defined waist, this would look exactly like Cathy cosplay, right down to the matched suede pumps. It’s good that she wants to create her own look, but it’s honestly kind of a dull look, especially with the buttons done up like that. She might have been better letting the whole coat hang open, but we suppose someone would say she’s violating royal outerwear protocol or something.



Style Credits:
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: Alexander McQueen Dress | Philip Treacy Hat
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex: Givenchy Dress and Coat | Noel Stewart Hat

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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