Caity Lotz, Danielle Panabaker and Melissa Benoist at CW’s Fall Launch Event

Posted on October 15, 2018

A trio of CW Super-ladies came out to hawk their wares (so to speak) in some surprisingly sharp looks. For that alone, we bestow the honor of our judgments.



Caity Lotz in Missoni

LOVE this. We’d love the outfit on its own, but it’s particularly well-suited to her, since she can take a lot of pattern and color and looks great working a lightly Boho, hippy chick sort of vibe. We’re not super-crazy about the sleeves – shape or pattern – but it’s not enough to make us like this less. The earrings look great, but we feel like this dress called for a lighter touch on the eye makeup.



Danielle Panabaker in Styland

The ladytux on the red carpet is skirting right up to the border of being considered “done,” since so many ladystars in the past two years have given it a go (many of them acing the look because it’s so easy to get right). This one’s been given a slightly confusing business-like twist with the briefcase and the buttoned-up shirt, but we find that it works pretty well for her. We think it would look better with some sort of gesture toward a necktie and with another inch or so added to the pants hem.


Melissa Benoist

Polka dots are very much a thing this season on the red carpet. We can’t recall seeing so many of them in such a short time as the past ten days or so. This could so easily go super-twee (and maybe it already has in your eyes), but we think she looks cute and the styling – a breezily sophisticated head and slightly trendy shoes – do a lot to tone down the cutesiness. Even so, we could do without that bib ruffle.


[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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