Alison Brie Gets Her Gourd-Shopping Done in Old Navy

Posted on October 17, 2018

We interrupt all these high-falutin’ high-fashion moments for a little bit of relatable, real-world style, courtesy of Miss Alison, who’s clearly feeling the fall spirit as she keeps her gaze fixed on the horizon.


Smell that pumpkin spice, darlings. Stop and pay some respect to the efforts of her PR team, who set this breezy little photo shoot up, no doubt. Also: shoutout to her hair and makeup team, who really did her up beautifully for this sashay.

Joking aside, it’s just a cute-as-hell look. She’s been kind of up and down the goodness scale in her red carpetry of late, but it’s clear she’s a gal who can work a street look with no effort at all. Her team should schedule more of these sashays. Maybe she can leave an organic foods store with a bouquet of fall flowers and a canvas tote bag full of baguettes and carrots next time! Or you could get her to cradle a mug of hot cider in her hands while wearing an oversized sweater and throwing her head back in laughter as she kicks a pile of leaves!  Or hey, here’s an idea: SHOE SHOPPING. WITH A PUPPY.




Style Credits:
Old Navy Long Sherpa Faux-Suede Lined Coat

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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