Red Carpet Rundown: The 2018 Global Citizen Festival: Be The Generation

Posted on October 01, 2018

BE THE GENERATION, darlings! The generation that stands there while we look at their outfits! The generation that thinks ladies should wear dresses when men wear t-shirts! Although to be fair, not all the ladies wore dresses and besides, this event has a distinctly low-key (from a fashion perspective) vibe. If anything the dresses come off just a little overdone.



Amber Heard

We keep wanting to like this look because we like the individual pieces, but they really don’t come together all that well. The coat and dress don’t go together at all. And the boots, while cute, come off totally random.



Danai Gurira in Proenza Schouler

Everything is cute/fab until we get to her feet. Those shoes are kind of hideous.



Gus Kenworthy

We’ve learned not to expect too much from him on the fashion front, but those are some weird-ass pants.



Katie Holmes in Isabel Marant

Very pretty and respectable; like something a museum docent would wear. That’s not meant to sound complimentary, FYI. Nothing wrong with docent style, but this is not the place and she is in desperate need of a style freshening.



Rachel Brosnahan

LOVE. Maybe not so much on the shoes, since the other pieces beg for more causal footwear (read: kicks), but it’s got real style and personality to it.



Rami Malek

There is one thing Rami Malek should never, ever be on a red carpet: Forgettable. Mister, we better not be seeing any of this nonsense on the Bohemian Rhapsody tour.



Shawn Mendes

Cutely unassuming, which is exactly his style sweet spot. It’s nice to see him get away from the sort of squeaky clean popstar/dreamboat styles into something a little more real-world and relatable.
[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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