American Music Awards 2018: Tracee Ellis Ross Had Herself a Night

Posted on October 10, 2018

Miss Tracee hosted this little costume party and in true Rossian style, she cycled through a stunning number of costume changes. These looks are notable for two things: the wide range of styles and her stated commitment to highlighting the work of black designers this night.


Pyer Moss

Unforch, we need to start off with our least favorite look of the night. The fit is unflattering and the peachy color is unphotogenic (which in this case is probably our subtle way of saying we think it’s ugly). That jacket has an ’80s DeBarge-esque kind of quality with real possibilities, but the color and the elephant leg pants do nothing for it.



Gucci-Dapper Dan

This is pure fun. She’s allowed to bounce back and forth between fashion and over-the-top stagewear. We’d hate this on a red carpet but love it here. Why wear standard gowns if you’re going to cycle through so many looks?




Sharp in that ’80s way she’s so good at working. The neckline’s a little too low, though.



Claude Lavie Kameni

GORGEOUS. WERQ that shit, mama.


Sergio Hudson

Again: pure fun. She looks like a character on a ’70s variety show.



X Karla

Cute idea, but that skirt isn’t particularly t-shirt friendly. Gorgeous skirt, though.




Mainstream glamour. It’s almost a surprise to see, even though it’s the expected style for this sort of thing.



Déshon V.

Love the boldness and strength of it. We just wish the sleeves weren’t so big on her.



CD Greene

Again, a form of glam so mainstream that it almost comes as a shock.




And finally, something simple and bright, with a bold shape and a breezy attitude. Totally Tracee. We love how much fun she has with fashion; how many styles and looks and silhouettes she’ll happily work and yet she never wanders away from her true self. She’s got the knack.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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