Let’s Judge and Objectify the Men at the Toronto International Film Festival

Posted on September 13, 2018

Enough with all these gowns and dresses, kittens! Let’s objectify cute boys and also yell at them for their dumb style choices! Put your judgin’ pants on and let’s get to it!



Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Hot man in a dull suit. This will be a theme for this post and we apologize now because it’s going to get very repetitive. If our droning starts bothering, just focus on their shoulders or their crotches or whatever gets you all dreamy-eyed.



Anthony Mackie

Actually, why should we apologize? These dudes are the ones who routinely show up wearing really expensive suits that still look like they came from Men’s Wearhouse. They’re the ones who should be apologizing to us.



Armie Hammer

Hi, Armie. This is kind of cute, actually.



Colin Farrell

And we’ll admit, the pattern on the tie as well as the impeccable fit is doing a lot to keep this from being dull. See? We’re not total bitches about this sort of thing. It’s not like we have a hatred of traditional menswear neutrals.



Daniel Kaluuya

Because look: sometimes, even when a guy puts in the effort to be a little different, we find ourselves wishing he’d just picked a suit. This is kind of awful, but the venue doesn’t necessarily call for more than this. We mostly just hate the color.



Dev Patel

And we’ll give Dev credit here too. This is kind of cute and stylish, even if it is a turtleneck and the whole thing lacks color or pattern.



Hugh Jackman

This is horrifying and it makes us sad. It also reminds us of something we’ve been meaning to say for a while: the plaid suit is starting to become a fallback option for a lot of male stars, but there seems to be less and less attention to the things that need to be in place for a plaid suit to work: fantastic fit and impeccably matched shirt, tie and shoes.



Jake Gyllenhaal

Go home, Gyllenhaal. You look like you’re at your cousin’s wedding.



Jamie Bell

The shirt collar is interesting. It keeps getting duller and duller as you scroll down.



Jamie Dornan

You’re lucky you’re hot.



Javier Bardem

Honestly, he gets a pass because we think the classic styles are where it’s at for him. It’s not like he should be out there in a Thom Browne PeeWee suit or anything.



Jesse Eisenberg




Kit Harington

It looks too small on him and/or he looks uncomfortable in it.



Matt Bomer

He’s so Gay Dad Style. That’s said with affection.



Pablo Schrieber

We hate the pale blue color and we feel bad saying it because at least he’s not dressed in standard businesswear.



Riz Ahmed

Hey, Boo. Your proportions are a little off and we’re not sure we like the shirt at all, but thank you for not wearing a blue or black suit.



Steve Carrell

Personally, we’d rather see less of a puddle at the hem of those pants, but other than that, he’s showing everyone else how to do it right. He looks great.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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