Toronto International Film Festival: Taissa Farmiga in Giamba at the “Colette” and “What They Had” Celebration

Posted on September 13, 2018

We feel like we’ve thrown a lot of super-cray fashion at you in the past week or so, what with all the film-festivaling as well as the New York Fashion Weeking going on. We have no real reason to feature this look other than it’s just plainly pretty and also because we rarely get a chance to shine a spotlight on Miss Taissa, who’s back reprising her two roles on American Horror Story‘s new season.



That’s all. Just a cute dress on the right woman. She and her sister Vera both have a knack for wearing these vaguely doll-like, ’70s inspired, almost Stepford Wife sort of styles. It’s a look that could easily go twee or Lolita on the wrong wearer, but the Farmiga ladies are both known for having personae that are just a little off; just a little creepy when presented the right way. It’s why they both have a knack for horror projects, after all. Anyway, not to over-analyze it or anything, just showing an example of the prime rule of good style: the right outfit on the right wearer at the right time. We think she looks great. And we think a lot of other ladystars would have trouble not getting overwhelmed by this.

Also, feel free to discuss last night’s premiere of AHS, because we found it almost painfully dumb at times; from the Sharknado-level opening minutes to the complete nonsense of the underground bunker where everyone’s still wearing ballgowns a year and half after worldwide nuclear annihilation. We’re too curious not to stick with at least a few more episodes to see how this all links up, but that sure was a silly hour of television.


Style Credits:
Giamba Printed Dress from the Fall 2018 Collection
Effy, Jamie Wolf, Graziela Gems, EF Collection Jewelry
Building Block Bag

Styled by Micaela Erlanger

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Giamba]

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