Toronto International Film Festival Style File: Ryan Gosling at the “First Man” Press Conference and Premiere

Posted on September 12, 2018

To The Gosling’s credit, he has a distinctive style that speaks of his own preferences and he’s incredibly consistent in expressing it. Unfortunately for him, it’s not a style we love. We realize he might be devastated by that news so we’ll attempt to soften the blow by noting that we dislike it because we don’t believe it plays to his strengths. We hope that’s a comfort to him.


Ryan Gosling at the “First Man” Press Conference

Anyway, here it is: an earth-tone-heavy ’70s pastiche of a look that would have been considered pretty nerdy or sleazy in the ’70s. Truth be told, it still looks pretty nerdy and sleazy to us. There’s a way to do ’70s-inspired menswear and avoiding the pimp/lounge lizard/used car salesman undertones that were so prevalent in the menswear styles back then. This isn’t really doing it. It’s a nice suit, but that sweater is hideous. He seems to have a very “hipster circa 2010″love of ironically ugly prints and patterns. Also, that high, shapeless, ribbed waist band is rage-inducing. No good can come of that combo. Also-also: we are never not going to think chain necklaces on men are a little dicey, but they’re worse when there’s a pendant involved and exponentially worse when worn of a sweater.



Ryan Gosling at the “First Man” Premiere

We’ll give him this: It’s still not quite the style direction we think works best for him, but this is a decent enough combination of items. The shirt’s probably too shiny for the suit and there’s a distressing basket-weave thing going on with his shoes, but for the most part, we approve.

But what is going on with that five-dollar haircut, mister?



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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