Toronto International Film Festival: Nicole Kidman Gets Pantsy in Chloé and Bottega Veneta

Posted on September 11, 2018

Why Miss Nic. We are loving this turn toward more practical forms of chicness.


Nicole Kidman at DIRECTV House Presented By AT&T event in Chloé

What a stunningly ass-kicking outfit. What a refreshing change of pace for her. Not that she’s never dressed casually or worn pants on the red carpet, but she tends to go for the pretty dresses more often than not. This is kind of appealingly aggressive in tone; something her public style rarely is.

More and more lately, we’re feeling like celebrity women should be out there promoting their work in pants more often than not. Obviously, it’s up to them how they’d like to present themselves and we’ll never not love a gal who knows how to gown it the fuck up, but the cocktail dresses and gowns, while fun, are starting to feel like they shouldn’t be as de rigeur as they still are in 2018. Bear in mind we’re talking about professional wear here; the stuff all actresses sport while promoting themselves and their projects.



Nicole Kidman at the “Destroyer” Premiere in Bottea Veneta

We’d quibble with a couple bits here. There are too many whites, for one. The earrings strike us as a bit too nighttime in tone while the suit comes off more daytime. We’d feel differently about it if she was wearing a black suit, so take that opinion with a grain of salt. There’s no reason this suit couldn’t be worn in a formal manner, with formal accessories, but none of the other pieces – blouse, shoes, earrings – really do the work to bump it up or tie the look together. It’s a great suit, but it needs some consideration in how it’s styled.

Style Credits:
First Look: Chloé Ensemble with Stitching Detailing from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection
Second Look: Bottega Veneta Ensemble from the Resort 2019 Collection

Styled by Julia von Boehm

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Chloé, Courtesy of Bottega Veneta]

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