TIFF 18 Style File: Keira Knightley Takes it Down a Notch in Chanel, Rochas and Erdem

Posted on September 12, 2018

When we’re deep in the weeds of a red carpet tsunami (to mix our metaphors quite irresponsibly) while several high-profile celebrity events are happening at once, we’ll welcome any chance to break out of the tiny rotation of stars currently poledancing their asses off and check in one someone who isn’t quite the red carpet regular she used to be. Keira always had a great record in these matters; leaning heavily into the highly romantic styles the public seemed to expect of her. But she’s gone on record as being kind of over that whole thing, which is why this collection of looks interests us. The lady who seemed to never meet a floral she didn’t love is now working a distinctly more low-key and professional style.



Keira Knightley at the Chanel & Variety Event in Chanel

Granted, she’s still out there working that longstanding Chanel connection, which means we’re not exactly talking about business-like styles. It seems to us a black dinner jacket over a white dress requires a bit more of a defined waist on the latter. She’s just a head on a mass of clothing with two hands sticking out. A gorgeously styled head, to be fair.


Keira Knightley at the “Colette” Press Conference in Chanel

This is overall pretty cute and on-point for a photo call. We tend to think the black jacket and white skirt go together well, as does the crop top and the skirt. All three together feel a bit unbalanced. Take away the jacket and it’s a breezy summer look. Put it back on and it’s a … breezy summer look with an inexplicably heavy, dark jacket over it.


Keira Knightley at the DIRECTV House Event in Rochas

She seems to really want to be in more slouchy, comfortable styles, but this just doesn’t look great for pictures. The suit looks too big on her and the blouse looks sloppy. If she wants to wear comfy pants suits, she should be looking in more of a classic Lauren Hutton direction and less of a classic Diane Keaton one.


Keira Knightley at the “Colette” and “What They Had” Celebration in Erdem

We feel a little bad saying this, because it’s the most traditional of all these looks, but it’s our favorite by far. The hairstyle, silhouette and textile all lean into her romance-heavy skills but at least it’s done in a fairly low-key and unfussy style for her.
Style Credits:
First Look: Rochas Blazer | Chanel Dress from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection
Second Look: Chanel Ensemble from the Resort 2019 Collection | Jimmy Cho ‘Mischa’ Crystal Buckle Sandals
Third Look: Rochas Ensemble from the Resort 2019 Collection
Fourth Look: Erdem Dress from the Resort 2019 Collection | Jimmy Choo ‘Romy’ Pump

Styled by Leith Clark

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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