Toronto International Film Festival: Joel Edgerton, Nicole Kidman and Troye Sivan at the “Boy Erased” Screening

Posted on September 13, 2018

This almost feels like a random selection of celebrities who ran into each other on a red carpet. We’d forgotten that Troye isn’t just on the soundtrack but is also in the film. Anyway, let’s judge them.


First impression: Graduation day at Hogwarts.



Joel Edgerton

We really appreciate his commitment to wearing interesting takes on menswear. He’s a living example of the kind of thing we’re talking about whenever we get on one of our rants about male stars promoting their work dressed like accountants. Having said that, as much as we may want to tip our hats to his choices, this is all kind of a mess. Worse: it appears to be a very studied and curated mess. We’re not sure why he’d go to all the trouble of picking such an interesting look and then not bothering to button it correctly or wear a tie pin. Tsk.



Nicole Kidman in Monse

This is really working for us. Granted, we’ve been screaming at her to go witchy and wear more black for years now, so we tend to love it every time she does because we can pretend she listened to us. Sure, there’s kind of a disconnect between the bodice and the skirt, although that’s intentional, given Monse’s aesthetic. But we like that it has a real shape to it; one that she can handle well. And we think, given the seriousness of the film’s subject matter, she’s right not to go glam or princessy at this time. She threaded the needle well, because no one would mistake this for a funeral dress.


Troye Sivan in Valentino

Once we made the Hogwarts crack, there was nowhere else for us to go. He really does look fabulous, but the Malfoy jumped out at us. And good for him and Joel, walking the walk by wearing the ampersand pin of the GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. We don’t judge Nic for not wearing one. These things should be voluntary (and also shouldn’t be given too much weight and power) and even we have to admit it wouldn’t look right with the dress.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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