Style File: Issa Rae Switches Things Up in Johanna Ortiz and Oscar de la Renta at TIFF 18

Posted on September 13, 2018

We owe Miss Issa an apology, She wore these two fairly interesting outfits days ago and we kept pushing back the ritual Offering of Opinions on them because we kept getting dazzled by other looks. And that, kittens, is just so very wrong of us. After all, wearing something interesting and discussable is all we’ve ever really asked of our celebrities. They should be commended and rewarded with attention when they do so. Also: un-asked-for opinions about where they went wrong.


Issa Rae at the DIRECTV House Event in Johanna Ortiz

Okay, so this is a lot. The dress has a sporty, tracksuit sort of feel up top and that strikes us as kind of fun and clever. Unforch, the motif was not carried through to the skirt, which winds up being all kinds of weirdly fussy. A shame, because a dress with an athleisure sort of feel to the design could be kind of fresh and fun. We also can’t say we love the color combo of pale blue, peach and maroon. It strikes us as an especially tough one to pull off.

One thing she never gets wrong is the head-styling. Her team smartly ensures that her best feature is always well presented.



Issa Rae at the “The Hate U Give” Premiere in Oscar de la Renta

Of course we’re going to follow up that last sentiment by immediately suggesting this lip color is too strong. But we’re used to seeing her fresh-faced so maybe we just need to  get used to it. After all, it seems like the correct way to go for that dress, which is bold and dramatic, with a night-time feel to it. The more we look at it, however, the more we think the belt is a real problem. We can’t help thinking a thicker black belt would have been a much better idea.


Style Credits:
First Look: Johanna Ortiz Dress | Jenny Bird Faye Knockers
Second Look: Oscar de la Renta Dress from the Resort 2019 Collection | Bulgari Jewelry

Styled by Jason Rembert | Hair by Felicia Leatherwood | Makeup by Joanna Simkin

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Johanna Ortiz, Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta]

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