The Wildly Diverse Costumes of “Maniac”

Posted on September 27, 2018


We’re going to have quite a bit more to say about Netflix’s limited series Maniac on this week’s podcast (SPOILER: Lorenzo LOATHED it), but suffice it to say, from our perspective, one of the only things to truly recommend it is costume designer Jenny Eagan’s work. Without taking away from what must have been an exhausting and exhaustive design process, we can’t help thinking she had a lot of fun with the show’s wildly varying scenarios and backdrops, which dropped Emma Stone and Jonah Hill into an array of roles from a Long Island couple in the ’80s caught up in something over their heads, to a couple of suave characters in the ’40s, caught up in something mystical, to a European spy and Norwegian scientist in the ’60s, caught up in … whatever the hell that was all about. Our point: The story gave her a lot to play with and while we don’t think we truly could recommend this show if anyone asked, we can at least pay the costume design the respect it deserves.



Oh, right. There are elves too.

We’ll say this: By the halfway point, Tom said to Lorenzo “If this story wraps everything up in a profound and mind-blowing way, all of this pretension will have been worth it.” Unfortunately, it didn’t and it wasn’t. More on that tomorrow.



[Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/Netflix]

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