The Downton Abbey Essentials

Posted on September 12, 2018


Darlings, shooting has commenced on the Downton Abbey movie! In preparation (and as a way to pass the time during the long wait to the film’s release), the fine folks at Town & Country magazine turned to two of the show’s loudest and most opinionated fans to write a guide outlining the ten essential episodes of the series, for anyone who wants to get themselves back up to speed or just have a manageable binge because they’re jonesing for all the best parts of the Crawley family saga. Here’s a random sample:



Downton throws its doors open as a convalescent home for officers, forcing tremendous changes to the status quo. Isobel is power-hungry. Edith makes herself useful. Violet and Rosamunde want to know Lavinia Swire’s secrets. Mary pretends Richard Carlisle makes her happy. Tom Branson tries to ruin dinner in the name of socialism. William proposes to Daisy before shipping out. Ethel plays a dangerous game.

Why it’s essential: The sudden shift of focus is a great shot in the arm for the series and also weaves the events of the war directly into the fabric of the show. This is Downton running on all cylinders, with a ton of scintillating plotlines unfolding upstairs and down.

BatesWatch: Anna tracks the self-exiled Bates to a pub in Kirkbymoorside and learns to use a curling iron (on Mary).

The Quote: “We can’t leave all the moral high ground to Sybil. She might get lonely there.


Go and read the whole thing. It’s a fun snapshot of all the best parts of the series. Oh, and we wrote it, but we assumed you figured that out when we got to the whole “loud and opinionated” part.

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