The Gorgeous Period Costumes of Ovation’s “Versailles”

Posted on September 20, 2018

Darlings, it’s been so darn red carpet heavy around here that we find ourselves dying for something other than current fashion to ooh and aah over. The fine folks at Ovation came to our rescue when they said to us “Hey! You guys love costumes and we really love our show Versailles, which has some ridiculously amazing costumes!” Then they gave us a whole ton of pictures and that was all she wrote. We’ve been sighing over the masterful work of Costume Designer Madeline Fontaine ever since. Anyone who reads us knows how much we love good period costume design and this is some of the very best you’ll see on TV. We can get back to critiquing some starlet’s shoe choice in a minute. Let’s enjoy some gorgeous craftsmanship instead.



Season 1



Season 2



Season 3


We feel like we should really be watching this one. People have been telling us about it for years but we haven’t had the chance to catch up. Versailles fans, pitch the show to us. Tell us why you love it (aside from the obvious “there are pretty people wearing amazing clothing” reason).


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ovation]

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