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Posted on September 14, 2018

Darlings, as a way of capping off this incredibly red carpet-heavy week, and to give y’all something fabulous to read during the long dry and dark spell known as the weekend, when T Lo stops producing content and just sleeps for 48 not-so-straight hours, here are all the hot topics and interesting articles that piqued our interest in the last few days. Have a fabulous one!


Ms. Fan’s disappearance appears to be related to a government investigation into tax evasion in the film business, but she has not been charged with any crime, and no officials have confirmed that she is even under investigation. Few who know her, or the industry, believe it is simply a matter of paying taxes, though. And the damage to her reputation — and perhaps her livelihood — has already been done.

What Happened to Fan Bingbing, China’s Most Famous Actress? By Steven Lee Myers at The New York Times



According to body language expert Traci Brown, what the face is actually broadcasting is that the person doesn’t really want to be taking the photo in the first place. “There’s no smile — their eyes are kind of wide. They’re doing it because they have to, like they’re forced into it,” she told me over the phone recently. It makes sense, then, that men might be more likely to make a face that screams, “I am uncomfortable!” while participating in an act that is often coded as feminine.

Why do guys always make the same face in selfies? By Rebecca Jennings at Vox



I find it incredibly exciting at the moment because this new generation of girls — Generation Z, I believe — are challenging me all the time. I’m learning new things. Gender fluidity is fascinating to me. Every time someone says you’ve got to learn words like cisgender or trans, or when someone asks me to refer to “thee” or “thou” I get so excited. This is where we might be able to leapfrog some of the rigid definitions of what it is to be human. We might have a generation — and God knows we need it — that may help us leapfrog the death throes of the old ways. I mean, Brett Kavanaugh coming is just fucking hell, but at the same time other things are happening. You think about what might happen here with Roe versus Wade, and then also think about what happened in Ireland where abortion and gay marriage were made possible — extraordinary. The shifts in the sands of our development are so interesting at the moment.

In Conversation: Emma Thompson by David Marchese at The Cut


For years, Moonves loaded up the network with highly profitable, male-dominated series, always careful to stir in and amply reward an occasional actress, like the fabulous Patti Heaton or the irresistible Kaley Cuoco. But mostly, he presided over a plethora of macho crime shows featuring a virtual genocide of dead naked hotties in morgue drawers, with sadistic female autopsy reports, ratcheted up each week (“Is that a missing breast implant, lieutenant?” “Yes sir, we also found playing cards in her uterus.”) On the day I officially parted company with CBS, the same day Mr. Moonves said he would only pay a tiny fraction of the penalties, my incredulous agent asked what he should tell me. Mr. Moonves replied, “Tell her to go fuck herself!”

‘Designing Women’ Creator Goes Public With Les Moonves War: Not All Harassment Is Sexual by Linda Bloodworth Thomason at The Hollywood Reporter



“Whether they like it or not, Opening Ceremony has just welcomed over 40 queer artists and entertainers into their family,” Velour told the audience before the show began. LGBTQIA+ culture has long inspired fashion designers, but the community is not always invited to model the clothes. “Carol, Humberto, and the entire team told us in no uncertain terms that we belong in these clothes,” Velour continued. “That’s a great privilege, and we take it seriously. This is not a time or a country where many queer people get to feel like they truly belong; like they deserve to stand in the spotlight. … I hope this is what the future looks like.”

Opening Ceremony’s Drag Performers on What It Means to Be at Fashion Week By Emilia Petrarca at The Cut



“Most stylists tend to just dress celebrities: they wear a pretty dress … and that’s pretty much it,” says Lorenzo Marquez, the other half of TomAndLorenzo.com. “[Law Roach] creates a moment. He creates an image; he creates a character for that celebrity. If you look at Zendaya, she’s always playing a different character on the red carpet.”

How a Superstar Stylist Turned Celine Dion and Zendaya Into Instagram Icons by Tasbeeh Herwees at The Verge



But my dudes: Women know there are gradations of abuse. They are scholars on the subject. They know there’s a difference between making suggestive dick jokes and waving your dick at her, and waving your dick at her and holding her down, and holding her down and penetrating her, and penetrating her and hitting her, and hitting her and later freezing her bank account and threatening to kill her if she tells anyone — and actually killing her, which happens to roughly three women a day here in the US. Women are quite sensitive to these differences. They rarely need them explained, by even the most well-intentioned man.

What so many men are missing about #MeToo by David Roberts at Vox



She was still “shocked,” she said, that the industry takes her seriously as a designer. “I know where I’m at. I’m brand new. I’m learning still and growing. I love to create. I love the process.”

Rihanna Talks Lingerie, Body Positivity and Her ‘Battle’ With Social Media by Steven Kurutz at The New York Times



“You don’t have the excuse anymore that the product isn’t available,” said Nick Barose, a makeup artist whose clients include Lupita Nyong’o, Priyanka Chopra and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. “Younger, older, darker, lighter, different undertones — you should be able to look at the face in front of you and match.”

Beauty Is More Diverse Than Ever. But Is It Diverse Enough? byBee Shapiro at The New York Times



Despite what you might see on the runway or in editorials, it is worth noting that African youths do not walk around in Kente dashikis and seShweShwe headwraps – similar to how the Japanese youth, for example, do not live their daily lives in Hikizuri Kimonos.

There is More to Modern-Day African Fashion Than Traditional Caricatures by Tshego ‘Red’ Mosiane at The Fashion Law



After a bruising six months, she’s sure to take some time off and revel in being left alone by the press corps. While things didn’t turn out her way on Thursday, she took on a sitting governor, made him sweat and revealed herself to be quite the politician. Not bad for someone who detractors dismissed as “just an actor.”

Actor-Turned-Candidate Cynthia Nixon Loses But Pledges to Keep Fighting by Jeremy Barr at The Hollywood Reporter


While we don’t know exactly what Dern said, sources in the academy’s 54-member board anonymously revealed to The New York Times that she spoke out against it. Despite Academy president John Bailey’s support, Dern’s opposition was shared by director Steven Spielberg, who “was uncomfortable with plans to introduce the category at the coming Oscars,” as The New York Times notes.

Turns Out Laura Dern Killed the “Popular Film” Oscar Category? by Marissa G. Muller at W Magazine






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