Style File: Riz Ahmed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and at the “Venom” Premiere

Posted on September 28, 2018

Here is another thing we think you might need right now: A total dreamboat in semi-goofy clothes. It’s a win-win, because you can sigh over his dreamboat-iness but also take out your frustrations by shredding his style choices. Shall we, then? Get to a-sighing and a-shredding?

This is a peach suit. We trust the very fact of this suit is enough of an indictment against it.

Naah, we’re just being bitches. We really don’t like the color at all, but we’re hugely supportive of any attempt to get male stars away from the idea that they’re supposed to look like accountants or news anchors when they get dressed. The orange does a nice job of toning down the peachiness. We’re really coming around on his preference for elongated shirts that call to mind kurta or other non-western menswear shapes. We just don’t think it works all that well with conventional suiting proportions. The same styles, with just a slightly longer-than-the-norm jacket would make this work much better for us.


Riz Ahmed at the “Venom” Los Angeles Photo Call

You know? We had every intention of ridiculing the hell out of this, but much like Luke Evans’ mafia hairdresser drag from earlier this week, there’s something to be said about the juxtaposition of a beautiful man and loudly goofy clothes. Besides, we think this is all fairly well coordinated, right down to the footwear. We especially like the pop of goldenrod under the jacket, which balances out the loudness of it really well.

Or maybe he’s just SUPER-dreamy.



Style Credits:

Styled by Ilaria Urbinati

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, ABC/Randy Holmes]

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