Style File: Nicki Minaj in Off-White and Pamella Roland

Posted on September 07, 2018

We once got quickly ushered past Miss Nicki’s face at an Oscar de la Renta show and were quietly awed by just how stunning she was in person. People say this a lot, especially about celebrities, but we can’t avoid the cliche: her skin glowed. And because it was an OdlR show, she was rather demurely dressed, which only set off how stunning her face is even more.

For this New York Fashion Week however, she appears to have taken a decidedly different route on her fashion journey.


Nicki Minaj at E!, ELLE & IMG’s Kick-Off To NYFW Celebration in Off-White

In fact, we think it’s fair to say that these two lewks are much closer to how she’d prefer to present herself than the stab at classic elegance (which she aced, by the way) for a more genteel setting. This is, after all, pretty much pure, uncut, pharmaceutical-grade Nicki, is it not? Tacky and too much of a muchness in every way, but very much on brand.

This makes a perfect example of why we snort every time we hear a newbie fret over what she’s going to wear to her first Fashion Week event and reply with an “Oh, honey. Believe us, no one’s gonna be looking at you.”

Nicki Minaj at Daily Front Row’s 2018 Fashion Media Awards in Pamella Roland

The dress is pure Cher, which means we are compelled by the homosexuality in our very genes to love and support it. Unforch, every other aspect of the look comes off pretty random. The belt is a truly awful choice while the wig is merely a questionable one. Rather than mismatching the purples, she should’ve stuck to the pink wig. Or better, switched the wigs on each look.



Style Credits:
First Look: Off-White Yellow Shirt Dress | Off-White ‘For Walking’ Boots | Deborah Pagani Jewelry
Second Look: Pamella Roland Dress | Alexander McQueen Belt | Gabriel Jacobs Jewelry

Styled by Brett Alan Nelson | Hair by Dionte Gray (“Arrogant Tae”) | Makeup by Etienne Ortega

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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