Style File: Blake Lively in Bottega Veneta, Wolk Morais and Gucci

Posted on September 11, 2018

Give this lady a reason (like her new film opening) and she’ll instantly break out a ten-day rotation of five outfits a day. It’s a gift. We’ll give her that. We’ll also give her the attention and judgment her extensive efforts deserve, because we’re all fair and justice-minded that way.



After quite a few years of claw-sharpening at her expense, we’ve really started to come around on her sense of promotional style, even if it her choices sometimes lead her to goofy places. The cut of the jacket is strangely unflattering and the whole thing’s a bit too matchy, but it’s extremely bold and begs to have its picture taken.


She’s been working a lot of suits and jumpsuits into her rotation lately. Which is great, because she has a real knack for them. This goes back and forth between kind of silly looking and kind of fun. She has a sort of fashion-doll approach to her looks. They’re gimmicky, matchy and often theme-based.


It’s all way too matchy, but it’s also incredibly photogenic and boldly unforgettable.

But seriously: doesn’t this look like a really expensive Barbie outfit? It’s kind of a genius approach because none of it comes off like cliche, but once you start picturing a 12-inch poseable version of this look, it makes a lot more sense.


See what we mean? Matchy and gimmicky as hell. We alternate between rolling our eyes at the walking stick and admiring her sense of flair. Having said that, this is a hellaciously unflattering outfit. Not even Barbie could make this work.



Style Credits:
1st Look: Bottega Veneta Jacket and Pants | Christian Loboutin Shoes
2nd Look: Wolk Morais Jumpsuit and Jacket | Valentino Booties
3rd Look: Gucci Floral Jacket and Pants | Bottega Veneta Coat | Stuart Weitzman ‘Juniper’ Booties

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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