Priyanka Chopra, Elizabeth Olsen and Gillian Jacobs at the Kate Spade New York Fashion Show

Posted on September 11, 2018

Would you like to see some pretty ladies in pretty frocks, kittens? Because it’s the entire point to this post. There’s a TON of celebrity fashion going on right now and, typical of the runup to awards season, it’s starting to get showier and showier (to our never-changing delight), which is why we wanted to take a moment before we launch into all that attention-seeking to check in on the Kate Spade attendees and how pretty their dresses are.

In other words, pleasingly shallow content to help you forget the world for the next five minutes. No, no. It’s the least we could do, darlings. Don’t thank us.

Anyway, here are said pretty ladies/frocks:


Priyanka Chopra

That textile is gorgeous. We might quibble with the proportions here – high ruffled neck, below-the-knee hem and slightly short ruffled sleeve cuffs. It’s a great look for her, but we’d like it a bit more with the hem up a bit and the cuffs down a bit (and unruffled, while we’re at it). Bless her heart, those shades have absolutely nothing to do with that style of dress. Literally the easiest of accessories to choose and she managed to choose the wrong pair.


Elizabeth Olsen

That gal can work the hell out of a puffy shoulder. She also has a quality about her that allows her to wear super-twee looks like this and not project an image of juvenile girliness. It takes a little bearing to pull off a dress like this. We think the black accessories are an interesting choice, but the ’90s shoes paired with the ’80s dress is kind of throwing us off.


Gillian Jacobs

This, on the other hand, goes a bit too Marcia Brady. The sweater’s really cute. So cute in fact that it shouldn’t be paired with such a twee item as a pink A-line skirt. She’d be better off in pink wide-legged pants or even a pink pencil skirt.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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