Pop Style Opinionfest: When You Don’t Love What Everyone Else Does

Posted on September 21, 2018

Oooooooh, gurl! We sure as shit stepped into it this time! Risking a virtual pitchfork-wielding mob intent on a virtual beheading, we finally respond to the dozens of missives and messages asking us why we never talk about the Queer Eye Fab Five or why we haven’t mentioned Hannah Gadsby’s lightning-in-a-bottle standup special for Netflix, Nanette. This gives us a WONDERFUL opportunity to outline all the reasons we hate both!

Okay, we’re just kidding. Without making any articulate critiques of either, we instead opted to talk about what it’s like to sit completely outside the cultural consensus on a part of the culture, while being asked on a routine basis to weigh in on it. Nanette and Queer Eye didn’t grab us or prove revelatory to us and we go into various reasons why that is, but it’s also a discussion of how little space is allowed around certain universally beloved aspects of the culture, forcing anything but pure praise and adulation not just to the sidelines, but as a form of cultural blasphemy. Having said that, it is most definitely NOT a complaint or rant about political correctness, which is something entirely different as far as we’re concerned.

But before we wade into those icy waters, we have a few things to say about a couple series that dropped this week. First, the somewhat quietly amazing Sorry For Your Loss starring Elizabeth Olsen on Facebook Watch, which is a thing now, apparently.


The first four episodes are available for viewing right now and we cannot recommend it enough, although anyone currently going through the early stages of the grieving process might not want to expose themselves to it just yet.

Next, we look at the somewhat similarly themed Forever on Amazon Prime, starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen.



Despite neither of them belonging to the group, we opt to go off on a discussion of Millennial comedy, of which this show is a prime example, in our opinion. Lorenzo hated it but Tom found a few things to recommend it.



So it’s all sorts of fun and deep cultural stuff, discussed in that bickery, rapid-fire, cartoon-voiced, coffee-fueled T Lo style you’ve come to know and hopefully find tolerable. Once again darlings, we can’t thank you enough for your support and your time. LUVYA


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