Pop Style Opinionfest: The Good, The Bad and The Gloriously Tacky

Posted on September 28, 2018

Kittens, we sat down, took a couple sips of coffee (and by sips we mean mugs), flipped on the mics and bounced around the worlds of fashion and television for this week’s little chatfest. On the fashion front, Lorenzo gives us the lowdown on Michael Kors’ surprising purchase of Versace and what it might mean for both brands. In short, a good deal of the online wailing and gnashing of teeth over Versace’s fate has been fairly misguided.

Then it’s off to the (critical) races as we bat around Netflix’s Maniac for a bit and explain just why it really didn’t work for us. Sally Field and Emma Stone gave elevating-the-material performances that are almost worth the price of admission (which is ten hours of your time), but we had too many issues with the lack of thematic coherence, facile answers to mental health problems, and extremely stale aesthetic.

The GOOD news is that we follow up that total bitchfest with a GUSHFEST over the return of The Good Place. They’re all back and the timing couldn’t be better. We run down just what makes us love this show so much, how it stands out from pretty much everything else on TV and how it owes way more to adventure mystery shows like LOST than any other network sitcom. We are a tiny bit concerned about the new status quo, which seems to remove a lot of the otherworldly charm from the concept, but we also explore how unlikely it is that the status will remain quo. Don’t come at us. We know that’s horrible latin.




Anyway, it’s all here once again, darlings! A rapid-fire, cartoon-voice’d gayfest of opinions on the cultural and the fabulous. Thank you once again for all of your support. Please tell your clergy and cleaning staff all about us.


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