New York Fashion Week: The Michael Kors Show Front Row Was a Bunch of Queens Holding Court

Posted on September 13, 2018

As they do every season, an array of A-List celebrity queens with a stunning number of Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tonys between them came out to support their favorite guy, Michael Kors.


Seriously, these gals don’t shove themselves into seating this uncomfortable and pretend to enjoy it unless it’s for someone they truly love. We’ll give you the strained and pained seated shots, just because they crack us up, but we’ll reserve our assessments for the step-and-repeat.


Just a bunch of gal pals hanging out! All natural and stuff!




Flawless. Of course.



Rose Byrne

Look, we’re not likely to be very critical here. Like every single Michael Kors front row attendee, they all showed up looking amazing. So much so that it always makes us wonder why Michael Kors isn’t one of those over-used or over-pushed brands in the stylist set. Because this is literally one of the best looks we’ve seen Rose Byrne wear in at least a year.



Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carys Zeta Douglas

Ditto. Bless her, but CZJ has terrible red carpet instincts. This is a no-brainer for her. Why not turn to this brand more often? That’s the thing about Kors. He never reinvents the wheel, but he always turns out looks that are wearable, pretty, and not too high on the difficulty scale. He gets plenty of celebrity coverage, but we do sometimes wonder why he hasn’t completely overwhelmed that market. Stylist bias or just a constant need for celebs to be just a little outrageous?




Tiffany Haddish

Also super-cute. The top’s a little tight but she looks amazing in ’70s-inspired looks. She looks like a Detective on a sexy ’70s cop show.



Nicole Kidman

We’ll never say no to Nic in a black dress, even if it’s only the background color. We like this, but we think the yellow may be overwhelming her a little.



Cynthia Erivo

LOVE. That’s the other thing about Kors. He stays within a fairly tight range but manages to offer enough variations that the needs of many different types of women can be served from the same collection.



Hailee Steinfeld

How many of these ladies look better here than they’ve looked nearly all year? CASE IN POINT. This looks amazing on her. We feel like Kors should be the default for any celeb lady who has red carpet troubles.



Judith Light

Fierce as shit. Those are probably too many patterns for one look, but they’re so masterfully balanced out and she’s so good at working a look that it doesn’t seem to matter much.


[Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Michael Kors]

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