New York Fashion Week: Calvin Klein Fashion Show Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on September 12, 2018

Kittens, a galaxy of stars came out to fill the front row of the Calvin Klein show and, to the delight of the house, we’re sure, they all looked pretty fantastic. Mostly.



Gus Kenworthy

Cutely unassuming and on point with some nice touches, like the silver boot tips and the show-offy cut of the sleeves.



Gwendoline Christie

Newp. You can sell it with enough blue steel to build a skyscraper, but those are jammies, lady.



Indya Moore

A deeply questionable look being sold like ice cream on a hot day by a diva who knows how to make it werq.



Jeff Goldblum

Only Jeff Goldblum. Literally. Like, these pieces should have tags inside warning people that they should only be attempted by Jeff Goldblum; preferably in the vicinity of cameras, which is when he’s at his Jeff Goldblumiest.



Judith Light

It’s a fabulous look let down by some generic pumps. A pop of goldenrod at the feet would’ve pulled this all together.



Kate Bosworth

If she can’t pull this off – and she can’t (but she’s coming close) –  it should probably be burned and never brought up again.



Kiki Layne

It’s a pretty basic dress, but the color looks fantastic on her and it’s helped along by some gorgeous hair and slightly focus-pulling footwear.



Laura Dern

Perfect. Including the mesh shirt.



Millie Bobby Brown

Why, we’d almost believe her style folks listened to our podcast about dressing child stars last week (in which they came in for quite a bit of T Lo criticism for letting her down in the past). This is easily among the best expressions of high fashion for a young girl we’ve ever seen her wear.



Naomi Campbell

Fabulous, of course. Love the boots. And the hair, for that matter.



Noah Schnapp

And as we also noted in the podcast, when the Stranger Things boys work casual wear for the red carpet, they do it better than almost any other men in the industry. This isn’t just a great look, it’s one we have to sheepishly admit we’d love to wear ourselves.



Rami Malek

It’s got that very ’80s feel of a long coat over a thrown-together look and he’s working it pretty well, but the dress shoes make a poor match with the rest of it. Boots or kicks of some sort, please.



Saoirse Ronan

The things at the arms are kind of weirdly rendered, but this is probably one of the best looks she’s sported all year.




[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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