New York Fashion Week Style File: Awkwafina in Longchamp, Claudia Li, Prabal Gurung and Opening Ceremony

Posted on September 11, 2018

Miss Awkwafina is having herself a week. It’s always fun to see a newly rising star make the realization that she suddenly has a whole new toybox to play in – courtesy of a whole bunch of brands dying to see her wear their wares. She’s been fashion-focused from the minute she started getting mainstream attention, but this season’s New York Fashion Week has given her free rein to express herself.



She looks great in slightly retro styles with hints of the ’60s or ’70s; even better when they play to her slightly dark sarcastic streak. A mod-inspired black velvet dress with knee-high black suede boots could not be a more perfect choice of outfit for her. It’s both cute and kind of ass-kickingly dramatic at the same time.



This, on the other hand, is beyond her capabilities to pull off. The good news for her: it’s beyond everyone else’s too. Great skirt, terrible bodice, harsh color, horrible finish. You tried it, girl.


This doesn’t strike us as the most practical dress for a fashion show, and it doesn’t even feel like it’s really her style, but it looks pretty good on her and she seems to be really feeling it. That’s just a bit too much sheer white for us.


Looks like you can add the ’80s to the list of style decades she can work. This is adorable. We wouldn’t change a thing.


Style Credits:
1st Look: Longchamp Ensemble
2nd Look: Claudia Li Ensemble
3rd Look: Prabal Gurung Ensemble
3rd Look: Opening Ceremony Ensemble

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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