Style File: Cate Blanchett Cycles Through Some Lewks at Milan Fashion Week

Posted on September 24, 2018

She was riding water taxis in Venice just a few weeks ago and now she’s sitting front row in Milan. It’s a good thing we adore Good Lady Cate so much because we could easily see her as the bitch who stole the life that should rightly be ours.

Oh, we’re sorry, GL Cate. We’re the bitches, not you. Please. Go on with your internationally chic bad self. We’ll just be over here, in our drawstring pants, sipping our bitter coffee and judging. With love.


Cate Blanchett at the Pomellato Balera Party in Sara Battaglia

We don’t know what it is, but between this and Luke Evans’ dip in the gloriously tacky pool, we appear to be in the right mood for the kind of looks you’d see in Casino gift shops. She’s made a turn for glam rock-inspired wear ever since she so clearly enjoyed modeling her Ocean’s 8 costumes. It’s fabulous that she’s opted to make it a semi-permanent part of her style rotation long after the film’s poledance ended.



Cate Blanchett at the Giorgio Armani Fashion Show in Giorgio Armani

This is perfectly fine, low-key chic, the likes of which GLC could work in her sleep. We suspect she’s a little bored by these styles, which is why she tends to dress like she’s touring with The Runaways every chance she gets.



Cate Blanchett at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia 2018 in Stella McCartney

Hmmm. We don’t know, Good Lady Cate. Our first impulse is to suggest that you’re too good for this. While the coat is fun, it doesn’t really strike us as the best style for her. We don’t mind the pants, but we hate the sash and the fact that the top is a different shade of white and slightly sheer to boot. Overall, this look is one thing a GLC look should never, ever be: half-assed and haphazard. You got McCartney’d, lady.


Style Credits:
First Look: Sara Battaglia Leopard Suit with Belt from the Resort 2019 Collection | Pomellato Jewelry
Second Look: Giorgio Armani Ensemble | Giorgio Armani Sunglasses
Third Look: Stella McCartney Ensemble from the 2014 Collection

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Sara Battaglia, Courtesy of Stella McCartney]

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