Meghan Markle in Oscar de la Renta and Altuzarra at The Coach Core Awards

Posted on September 24, 2018

After abandoning her pale neutrals stage for a prolonged period where she alternated solely between black ensembles and navy blue ones, Duchess Megs is shaking things up by entering a “navy blue AND black” period. We will try and contain our excitement. Also: ROYAL LADYPANTS.


On most levels, this is a facile comparison to make, because it tends to be fairly shallow and ignores a whole raft of differences, but there’s a part of her royal style that reminds us of early Michelle Obama FLOTUS style. In both instances, each woman alternated between extremely traditional looks for her station and looks like these, which not only seem like fresh alternatives to the expected styles, but also feel a bit declarative and a bit more focused on highlighting how she’s different from previous women in the same role. Not to overstate it too much because pants aren’t that revolutionary an idea among royal women for official visits. But Meghan is definitely trying to establish a specific look and role for herself and when she goes this route, she comes off way more to us like an American woman with a nearly two-decade working life behind her.  There’s both a practicality about her style as well as a desire for minimal details. Very Carolyn Bessette in tone.

Having said all that, we hate all the extra volume on the top. The silhouette’s great, we love the pants and we’re more or less okay with the color scheme (even if it is getting a bit stale), but there’s simply too much volume in that blouse.




Style Credits:
Oscar de la Renta Navy Draped Blouse Asymmetrical Peplum Blouse
Pascale Monvoisin Cauri N°2 9-karat Rose Gold, Onyx and Diamond Necklace
Altuzarra ‘Serge’ Black ​Bootcut Trouser
Aquazzura ‘Simply Irresistible’ Black Suede 105 Pump

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,,]

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