Meghan Markle Steps Up at the Grenfell Charity Cookbook Launch

Posted on September 20, 2018


The Duchess steps up. And Mom’s there to back her up.


It would seem a bit weird to focus too much on the fashion here, even though in many ways it’s a standard royal meet-and-greet for the cameras. But it’s also the kind of event we think a lot of folks hoped to see when Meghan came into her royal role. Not to single her out too much, because there are tons of charitable events attended by members of the BRF from practically every rank and station. But let’s be real here: the optics of the only woman of color in the upper ranks of the family taking her loc’d social worker mother with her to meet with a multi-racial and multi-ethnic collection of women survivors to celebrate their communities and cultures? Spectacular. Again, not to overstate things too much, but this is “Diana hugging AIDS patients” levels of connecting. That is to say, there is only one person in the family who could connect with these people on this level and, recognizing the void and her ability to fill it, she stepped up.


We also think it’s wonderful to bring her mother along here. First, it’s the perfect counter to all the bad publicity her father’s side of the family is intent on foisting upon the world. Second, it’s the perfect time and place to introduce her to the kinds of things she’ll probably be called upon to do now that she’s moved there to be closer to her daughter. They both look lovely; tasteful and appropriate to the occasion. Meghan’s threading the needle between being approachable and being up to the standards of her station. Kudos to everyone involved with this. It’s the best thing she’s done in her new role and it’s the kind of thing we hope to see way more of as she settles in and has her Mom to turn to for support.

Oh, and Harry was there too. It speaks to the charisma and appropriateness of the two women that they managed to overshadow one of the most famous men in the world.

You can find out more about the Duchess’s charity cookbook with the survivors of the Grenfell fire here.



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