LeBron James Redefines Sportsmen Style in Thom Browne at the 2018 Harlem Style Awards

Posted on September 05, 2018

Nothing but love here.


A stylish and well-dressed athlete isn’t the newest concept in the world. There’ve been more of its share of dandies and prettyboys and ruggedly suited types coming out of the world of sports going back a century. But it’s rare to see a high-ranking male athlete use such distinct and challenging menswear to make a statement about himself. LeBron’s been sporting the PeeWee proportions of Thom Browne for some time now and in some ways, he makes the best possible advertisement for the brand’s particular approach to menswear. Browne distinguishes himself by the cut of his suits, which emphasize the feet and hands and has a slightly blockier silhouette with far less focus on the shoulders and chest, as you normally find in the style choices of athletes. Instead of trying to look hot, or conventionally masculine or powerful; instead of opting for businessman’s suiting or falling back on streetwear, LeBron routinely opts for a meticulousness and forward-thinking approach to his style that, given who he is and what he looks like, comes off kind of breathtakingly refreshing. It’s a new approach to sportsmen style and he deserves every bit of credit for being brave in his style choices. We can’t love this look enough.




Style Credits:
Thom Browne Gray Suit and Plaid Shirt
Nike Shoes

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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