Kristen Bell Really Goes For It in Vika Gazinskaya at BUILD Series

Posted on September 27, 2018

In full admission that we are CRAZY EXCITED for the return of The Good Place tonight, we can do nothing but smile indulgently at these shots and say “Isn’t she a delight?”


Said, of course, in the manner of one who is so enamored with a celebrity, they can’t bear to admit the cray playing out right in front of them. But Kristen’s one of the more self-aware celebrities out there and she rarely comes across like someone caught up to much in the idea of appearing glamorous or beautiful as a professional obligation. She’s a natural performer and a bit of a clown. We don’t mean to suggest this outfit’s nothing but a Lena Dunham-like trolling on her part. We have no doubt she loves this, head to toe. But we suspect she loves it because it’s so fun; not because she thinks it’s trendy or because she’s trying to send some sort of message. It’s just a fun, high-fashion look that’s going to beg to be photographed. From where she’s sitting (standing), mission accomplished.

Love the shades and bag. Question the suitability of the boots for her, but they’re incredibly outfit-specific and this ain’t it. As for the sweater, we’ve gotta say, we hate it. Nothing wrong with a big, slouchy piece of knitwear, but this is huge and shapeless. And despite its size, it really doesn’t work as a dress.


Style Credits:
Vika Gazinskaya Sweater from the Fall 2018 Collection
For Art’s Sake ‘TahitiBlack Sunglasses
Danse Lente ‘Zoe‘ Leather Bag
Stella Luna Boots

Styled by Nicole Chavez | Makeup by Matin Maulawizada | Hair by Peter Butler

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Vika Gazinskaya,,]

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