Elle Fanning Gets Bolder in Oscar de la Renta at the “I Think We’re Alone Now” New York Special Screening

Posted on September 13, 2018

Darlings, we are simply beside ourselves at this stunning turn of events. We thought the last few looks were a fluke or a short-lived phase, but it seems to us that this whole color thing that Miss Elle recently discovered might actually have some legs to it. We keep waiting for her to default to her usual Casper-the-Friendly ghost color preferences and she keeps stepping out and blinding us.

Just LOOK at this magnificence:

It’s bold! It’s bright! It’s strong and grownup! Not a princess fantasy to be seen anywhere!

Okay, sure. It looks a little like Hillary Clinton taking over as the new Ronald McDonald but even so. IT’S BRIGHT AND COLORFUL. Don’t ruin this moment for us.


Seriously, it’s kind of fun and cute. We don’t love the shape and we always have to be convinced on turtlenecks (we’re not so far), but we just love that she’s getting away from the Miu Miu retro princess box she’s been playing in for so long.


Style Credits:
Oscar de la Renta Ensemble from the Resort 2019 Collection
Vivienne Westwood Pump

Styled by Samantha McMillen | Hair by Jenda Alcorn | Makeup by Quinn Murphy

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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