Claire Foy and Ryan Gosling at the San Sebastian Film Festival “First Man” Photocall

Posted on September 25, 2018

For our next daily style lesson, consider the following two people. They are very pretty people up to their usual de-prettifying antics.



And by that we mean we’re left responding to these looks pretty much the same way we respond to all of their fashion choices. “But why did you go this route?”



To be fair, this isn’t really all that bad. We don’t necessarily think she’s the leather dress type and we question whether this oxblood color is really the best choice for her, but the dress and sandals are well chosen and photogenic. It’s not that she looks bad.  We just don’t think these choices are the best ones for her in terms of a picture-taking situation. The dress comes off too simple but it actually has a few too many fussy design elements. And the shape of the skirt isn’t all that great. Still, it’s not the worst we’ve seen from her.


We’ve offically become annoyed. His predilection for goofy ’70s wear has moved past ironic and straight into “find me the ugliest shit imaginable.” There’s just no way anyone would look at that sweater and think it was stylish, flattering or great for pictures. Between his style choices and the deliberately shitty haircut he insists on, he’s entering the Joaquin Phoenix level of pretentiousness. No one’s asking you to be a sex symbol or fashionista, and we definitely don’t think you should start dressing like a lawyer, but the car salesman/porn producer drag isn’t charming.



That’s right. Leave. Go back to your hotel rooms and think about what you’ve both done here.




Style Credits:
Claire Foy: Rosetta Getty Leather Sleeveless Dress from the Resort 2019 Collection | Manolo Blahnik Sandals

Styled by Nicky Yates | Makeup by Kelly Cornwell | Hair by Roi Nadin

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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