Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Bring Their B and A Games Respectively to the LA Premiere of “A Star Is Born”

Posted on September 25, 2018

Maybe they got focus group feedback that the constant hand-holding and veil-lifting wasn’t playing well because Brad & Steffi pumped the brakes on their mentor/ingenue red carpet role play this time. Instead, they let their stardom and their style choices make their case for them. As red carpet traditionalists, we are required to applaud the move. Leave the character bits for the screen, not for selling tickets. Gaga’s used to a certain amount of artifice and roleplay in her public persona, but Cooper wasn’t suited to it and the red carpet just doesn’t make the right kind of backdrop for it, probably because it’s so overtly artificial to begin with.

In other news, they look amazing.


Bradley Cooper

Okay, maybe only half of them looked amazing. Not that he looks bad; just that the stubble doesn’t help and the hair could use a little product so it doesn’t look like he just woke up. The suit’s nice but he seems to have this quality of sloppiness lately. He was never a fashionisto, but he could usually turn it out for the big-stakes red carpets. He’s pulling back on the leading man persona and putting the director one first. Either that or he’s tipping his hat to his character, who looks to be a fricking mess through the whole film.

But enough foreplay. You’re here for the main event:

Lady Gaga in Givenchy Couture

She did not disappoint.


Okay, yes. It does look like a plastic lace holiday tablecloth you’d find at the Five Below. So stipulated. But while that doesn’t exactly conjure up undertones of glamour and chicness, Miss Steffi is more than able to make it WERQ for her. But come ON. This is head-turning as hell. This is DRAMA BUTTER, kittens.  It’s more or less a drag queen’s version of Hollywood Glamour, which makes it perfectly on point for her – and for this event. Love the Veronica Lake hair; love the slinky, liquid quality of the gown; love the strong-as-hell eye makeup; love that she wasn’t afraid to load up on sparkly jewelry just to make it all that much extra. Is it too much. YES? That’s the point.



Style Credits:
Custom Givenchy Haute Couture Gown
Bulgari Jewelry

Styled by Sandra Amador + Tom Eerebout | Makeup by Sarah Nicole Tanno | Hair by Frederic Aspiras

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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