Venice Film Festival: Ryan Gosling Suaves It Up at the “First Man” Premiere

Posted on August 30, 2018

And thus did the Gosling reply, “Will you two pissy-ass queens give a man a second here?”


Of course he said no such thing. The Gosling would never. Still, it feels like a sharp rebuke to our whining about his loss of suaveness and embrace of ugly leisure suits. Of course this is a formal red carpet so hipster prints and earth tones weren’t on the menu for the night. The boy came prepared.

Even so, he found a way to Gosling it up. We’re referring to the lack of tie, which bothers us quite a bit more than we could have predicted. Look, you can opt for a formal black necktie or a bow tie in any color that floats your boat. You can undo the top few buttons of your shirt and let your tie hang undone like you’re heading to Studio 54, if you want. But the one thing a dinner jacket absolutely requires is a tie. This looks goofily televangelical in tone rather than the sort of quirky twist he was going for. That effect is not helped by the hair. It took us a while to notice, but what is going on there with the flathead effect? Did he bust out a piece of cardboard and a boom box and do some quick headspins when he first got there?

Well. This turned out a lot bitchier than we planned.


[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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