Venice Film Festival: Joe Alwyn and Nicholas Hoult at “The Favourite” Premiere

Posted on August 31, 2018

Darlings, it’s Friday morning! We’re currently recording this week’s podcast and we’ve already given you the glamour (and vague creepiness) you might need to start your day, so let’s move on to the next necessity (and perfect time-waster): looking at cute boys!

Cute boys? That’s your cue:





Joe Alwyn

In case you don’t know, Joe is Taylor Swift’s on-the-downlow for something like a year now, which is —

WHAT is even going on with those Schoolhouse Rock pants? Why does everything from the waist up look like 1986 and everything from the waist down looks like 1976? Why would you wear such an annoyingly bland shirt like that for picture-taking? What’s with the dainty watch band? We are left with far too many questions here.



Nicholas Hoult in Prada

Enh. It’s a thing in menswear right now to pair as wild a button-down print as you can find with more or less standard suiting. It can work, especially on the young and pretty, but this is a pretty dim serving of the trend. The suit is simply too drab, wrinkled and ill-fitted. We understand the idea of a neutral suit setting off a colorful shirt, but this just looks odd to us. If anything, a more neutral (less blue) gray might have been a better choice. We feel like the suit is fighting the shirt rather than setting it off.

But to be perfectly blunt, we have wasted too many words discussing an unsalvageable mess of an outfit that only avoids disaster because of the pretty, pretty face peeking out up top.



We’re not feeling waves of camaraderie and bonhomie washing over us, guys. Cheer up a little.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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