Claire Foy in Valentino Couture at the Venice Film Festival: IN or OUT?

Posted on August 30, 2018

Kittens? We’re gonna need you to grab your notepads, stop by the lunchroom to get yourselves a fresh cup of whatever, and meet us in Conference Room B. We have a few things to hash out. Also: muffins.



Oh, we are SO gonna need a ruling on this one.

First, let us give Miss Claire the huzzahs for choosing something so dramatic and with such a high difficulty setting. Given her Chanel-at-the-dock look and this eye-popper, it’s clear she thinks this week and her role comes with a strong fashion component. She’s not fooling around, is what we’re saying. Brought her A game. To which we say, “Attagirl,” followed quickly by “Now give us a second to judge you.”

It’s got that oh-so-Italian ecclesiastical tone that Valentino in particular is known for. Red and pink isn’t a combo for everyone, but it happens to look pretty good on her, which is surprising, since she’s pretty fair-skinned. On the other hand, she’s wearing a felt table runner. With fringe. And then there’s the waist situation, with all its pleating. Darlings, if there’s one thing we’ve learned in 12 years of fashion blogging, it’s that pleats at the waist is always a topic that generates strong responses. We’re inclined to accept a lot here because it’s so high-fashion and so Vogue-cover that we can’t help but appreciate it. Couture shouldn’t just mean pretty, expensive dresses, but also bold, impossible-to-reproduce moments. Still, like we said. It’s a lot.


Claire Foy’s Vogue-Cover Moment:

IN or OUT?



Style Credits:
Valentino Dress from the Fall 2018 Couture Collection

Styled by Nicky Yates

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,]

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