The Cast of “Crazy Rich Asians” Keeps the Fashion Parade Going at BUILD Series

Posted on August 15, 2018

Kittens, we should all take a moment to thank the Public Relations gods for giving us a good-looking, stylish-af cast to talk about during the otherwise barren month of August, when celebrities all retreat to their compounds to get their faces refreshed. Allegedly.



Anyway, let’s get to judging these fine folks. There was a theme of questionable footwear choices.



Michelle Yeoh in Christian Dior

We admit that there are a few issues with this look, but we love that she’s bringing a funkiness and modernity to her style. It’s not for us to say how Asian celebrity women should dress, but it seems to us many default to/prefer either “high-fashion princess” or “socialite fashionista” modes for promotional work. It’s fun to see a high-profile Asian actress bringing a little bit of rock-and-roll attitude to the menu.

Having said that, the fit’s a little snug and the shoes should absolutely not be brown.



Henry Golding

This all looks pretty great to us, but he should’ve buttoned the jacket. We realize this isn’t a formal event, but the angle pretty much begs for a little straightening up and buttoning up. Still, he’s got a real knack for stylish summer menswear, something we almost never see on the red carpet.



Constance Wu in Michael Kors Collection

We get that she’s going for that “socialite fashionista” thing we mentioned, but there’s no way all of these patterns and colors can work together. Too much, lady.



Ken Jeong

Bless his heart.




We may have spoken too soon when we noted that her poledancing style had shifted away from the quirky looks that characterized her Ocean’s 8 promo tour wardrobe. This is not only a return to form, but a near replay of something she wore on that tour. She’s got a thing for jumpsuits with cutouts it seems. Can’t say we share her opinion on that one. This would look a lot better without the keyhole and the somewhat ugly color of pumps.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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