Thandie Newton in The Vampire’s Wife at the “Yardie” London Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on August 22, 2018

We feel like we’ve thrown a lot of dudes, movie news and drag queens at you today, so let’s get down to some good old-fashioned lady-fashion assessing, yes? Besides, we’ll look for any excuse to feature Miss Thandie, whose fashion tends to be offbeat, bright, and charming.


Like so.

Personally, we’re inclined to love a good deal of it. Admittedly, we have a problem with the dress and shoe pairing, since they both seem to be struggling for visual dominance. And we’ve never been huge fans of these sorts of over-ruffled semi-juvenile birthday party dresses. And it seems to us that Miss Lady could’ve used a little zhuzhing and straightening up as she got out of the limo.

Despite all that, we mostly love this. She’s got a real talent for working too much at once, which is seemingly the hottest trend in red carpetry as we noted earlier today. She loves bold bright colors – and lots of them at the same time. That alone is enough to make us love her. Basically, it comes down to this: she has fun with her fashion, doesn’t fall into ruts, and makes choices that are worth looking at and discussing. Quibble over the details, but the end results are usually pretty fun.

There, you have everything you need to come to a vote. Which you will now do.


Thandie Newton’s Bold, Bright Fashion Fun:

IN or OUT? 


Thank you for your cooperation. There will be a short refreshment period in the lobby after the vote is tallied.



Style Credits:
The Vampire’s Wife Pink Lamé Fil Coupé Mini Cate Dress
Alexandre Birman ‘Lolita’ Bow-embellished Striped Lamé Sandal

Styled by Erin Walsh

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages,,]

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