Style File: Rose Byrne Keeps it Crisp and Classic in Valentino and Rochas

Posted on August 17, 2018

Miss Rose is out there in the summer heat, doing the damn work of promoting her kinda cute-looking rom com. The very least we could do is bestow our attention and ever-accompanying judgment upon her efforts.

Like it says to do in the Rom Com-Promoting Guide Book, Rose has already stepped out in something romantic with high-fashion undertones to it. Now she’s out doing the day work and, just as the good book tells her to do, she’s wearing the appropriately classic and covetable real-world styles that can look great on a range of women.

We should pause here and note that we made up the part about the book. There’s no such thing, just so we’re clear. Also: bloggers are natural-born bullshitters by trade.



Rose Byrne at SiriusXM in NYC in Valentino

Bear in mind when we say “real world styles” we mean in the Valentino sense of the real world. The label isn’t really the point so much as the style, which is pretty, flattering and more or less unchallenging from a fashion perspective. A lot of women have dresses like this and a lot of women would look at her in this dress and start thinking they need one for themselves. That’s the point of this kind of look and it’s why it’s such a standard approach for romantic comedy female leads.

Having said that, the accessorizing is disappointing. We can buy the white pumps but the beige bag is kind of ugly and we think there are plenty of more stylish and photogenic shades for her than those things.

Rose Byrne at BUILD Series in NYC in Rochas

Like the previous look, this has got a slightly cinematic, costume-y, “working woman in the city” sort of feel to it. People don’t necessarily dress like this for their office jobs – except in the movies, where everyone dresses like this for their office jobs.

The dress is pretty cute, although it doesn’t seem to have traveled well. We seriously question the heavy, dark, high-vamped pumps with it. Girlfriend should be in some sandals or wedges.


Style Credits:
First Look: Valentino Dress from the Resort 2019 Collection | Jessica Biales Jewelry | Mulberry Bag | Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps
Second Look: Rochas Dress from the Resort 2019 Collection | Chloe Gosselin ‘Emma’ Pump in Padded Velvet

Styled by Penny Lovell | Makeup by Hung Vanngo

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Rochas]

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