Style File: Janet Jackson Promotes Her New Single “Made For Now” in High Janet Style

Posted on August 20, 2018

Kittens, we are SO DAMN HERE for the Janet Renaissance. Especially since girlfriend has clearly made the strategic decision to swing back into the spotlight working some of the most high-fashion styles of her career. Miss Woman has COMMITTED.




Janet Jackson at the Harlem Week Festival in NYC

What’s great about the two looks in this post is how they both feel very much in the classic Janet mode while at the same time they feel more modern and fresh than anything she’s worn in years. Her style has truly felt energized in the last couple of months. Another great thing about this – and we don’t want to wildly overstate it, but merely tip our hat to it: Janet’s making a big push back into the spotlight, with a big fashion commitment backing it up, and she’s doing it by being true to herself and not dressing like she’s a kid. She looks elegant, she looks fresh, she’s working a deep-in-the-roots soulfulness that truly suits her, and she’s not trying to convince you she’s anyone else but who she’s always been. LOVE the coat, love the hair, love the jewelry.



Janet Jackson and Daddy Yankee Celebrate New Single “Made For Now” in NYC

We’d consider this a modern take on the Warrior Janet look; the militaristic/fetishistic side of her style preferences, with the kind of deconstructed design, imposing silhouette and heavy layering that has always characterized her style. To be fair, we think it’s way over-designed, but it’s very much on-brand for her and the hair – which is KILLER – really pulls the look together.

Check out the PARADE OF LEWKS in the video:



QUEEN. We’d say “We have decided to stan,” but kittens, that happened decades ago. She looks FLAMAZING in this.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages – Video Credit: Janet Jackson via]

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