Style File: Issa Rae Takes Some Risks in NYC

Posted on August 09, 2018

Miss Issa served up a little bit of red-white-and blue action making the promo rounds this week, although that’s not of as much interest to us as the admirably broad range she manages to display while working within a somewhat restrict professional/promotional mode of dress. Every look has some little twist or something to keep it from being generic. Which isn’t to say that this approach worked in all ways, every time. That’s where we, with our bitchy words and sharp claws, come in.



Issa Rae at “The Today Show”

We feel the need to start off by acknowledging that no outfit will ever look totally bad on her so long as she’s sporting that killer smile. We’re not really loving the design of the dress and how it frames her bust, which doesn’t strike us as particularly flattering. And if we’re being perfectly honest, we think the thick white band around the ankle is too heavy and distracting. And yet despite all that, she looks pretty amazing.




Issa Rae at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Well it’s not boring; we’ll give it that. The shape and design are basically just terrible and can’t be redeemed. It’s made worse by the kind of drab and mumsy color, which doesn’t look great on her. We respect that she made such an off-beat choice but we can’t honestly say it’s paying off for her.



Duchess Meghan recently made the sleeveless trenchcoat dress a thing and this is the second time we’re faced with the idea that it’s an inherently difficult thing to make work. The top half is too coat-like and the bottom half goes a bit too wide and stiff in an apparent attempt to mitigate the coatyness (which is totally a word now). It’s one of those design ideas that sounds like it could be chic but always seems to suffer from being a hybrid garment; not quite one thing or the other.





[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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