Style File: Blake Lively Had Herself a Damn Weekend

Posted on August 20, 2018

Darlings, here are three True Things about Miss Blake Lively:

1) She LOVES fashion.

2) She brags about how she doesn’t use the services of a stylist.

3) She never fails to bring Joan Crawford levels of commitment to promoting her work.

Let’s discuss all of this, yes? It’s time.



Blake Lively in Bottega Veneta

As much as we love to skewer her over-the-top style and her occasionally disastrous choices, we would be lying if we didn’t acknowledge a good deal of our teasing is born out of respect. She is not, we would say huffily, a true fashionista; not in the sense of someone with a deep understanding of fashion and how it works. But she does truly love fashion and she has a good base understanding of how an actress can use it in her career.

This look is perfectly photogenic and suits her pretty well. It has the common-for-her quality of being too much of a muchness. It desperately needs to be edited, in other words. While the blouse and the suit can go together, it’s not necessarily a given that they should -especially when you add that matchy/quirky bag and a rather overwhelming piece of jewelry.



Blake Lively in Brunello Cucinelli

She goes for boldness in her style. In fact, she chooses boldness over elegance, trends, or cohesiveness. She sees fashion as a tool to promote herself so she’s less interested in the finer details and far more interested in how much coverage she can get out of it. Does a sleeveless velvet suit – with a contrasting velvet jacket slung over the arm – make any kind of sense in New York in August? Of course not. Is this chic? Not really. Well-coordinated? Darling, please. It’s photogenic. That’s all that it is. That’s all that Miss Blake ever truly wants her promo fashion to be.



Blake Lively in Zimmermann

In that sense, and if we’re being amazingly open-minded and kind-hearted about, her approach to fashion can be considered closer to that of a fashion editor than a celebrity stylist. In other words, the kind take considers her style to be editorial in tone rather than red carpet-chic.

Still, most fashion editors would get fired for trying to pass this clumsy-ass, horribly fitted look off. Again: it’s a fairly decent or basic idea wildly overdone. That’s her look more often than not. If the suit fit and was paired with a much simpler blouse (or even none at all), this would be improved tremendously. But it would still have a slightly cartoonish quality to it, which is the kind of thing she tends to go for. It’s all impact and image-based with her – which is not necessarily a bad thing in her line of work.


Blake Lively in Versace

It’s all just a bit too much. A good stylist might select pieces from a range of houses and artfully combine them in a unique and trendy way that helps to sell a certain image. Blake goes for maximum impact, maximum coverage.

Like a lot of her ensembles, this has the potential to be chic and stylish with the right kind of pairing and accessorizing. Since Miss B went for the usual eye-searing too-muchness, we’re left with a poorly styled, but kind of unforgettable look.



Blake Lively in Roland Mouret

The bag, brooch, earrings and ring are all just a little bit too much in that dressing-her-Barbies kind of way she approaches fashion, but we will give the lady her propers by acknowledging the boldness of that suit and how great it looks on her.

When it comes down to it, she has a great idea for the big picture and a terrible eye for the little details. We don’t think a stylist is necessary to actually be stylish in an effective way, but she really would benefit from someone with a light touch and an eye for accessorizing; someone who would stand back and let Blake make the big-picture style decisions and then step in to suggest the appropriate finishing details.

We CANNOT BELIEVE we just wrote that many words discussing Blake Lively’s style choices. We should probably cut back on the coffee this morning.







Style Credits:
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[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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