Style File: Amy Adams is a LadyGarden in Michael Kors Collection and Gabriela Hearst

Posted on August 01, 2018

Once again, we are delighted to see Miss Amy using fashion in a smart, stylish, promotional way. We don’t make the rules, but an actress on her level and of her type needs to show some minor mastery of these skills (or the savvy to hire someone who has them) if she wants awards recognition. That’s just the way these things go. An award-winning actress is almost always an actress who knows how to self-promote. If you’ve ever read those anonymous Academy member articles about who they voted for and why, the publicity factor is an enormous, sometimes overwhelmingly primary aspect of it. Amy’s always taken a workman-like approach to her promotional style, but it left her in something of a rut for years. We can remember a time when we were practically begging her to embrace a swingier silhouette and some sassy prints. We’d like to think all our wailing and cajoling finally got through to her.



Amy Adams in Michael Kors Collection

But alas, we’re sure we had nothing to do with it. She’s promoting buzz-heavy, awards-likely work, with the FLAMAZING Sharp Objects, currently airing on HBO, in which she plays a chronically depressed, self-harming woman who covers herself up in featureless black clothing. It makes perfect sense for her to embrace pretty florals with full skirts and cute little details right now as a way of noting how different she is from her character and how good a job she did of portraying her. And it signals a freshness and confidence simply be being a declarative new direction for her style. It’s not generic. It’s got personality and it looks great on her.

We don’t love the ruffles, though.


Amy Adams in Gabriela Hearst

LOVE. What a fabulous little day look.

We also think it makes sense to dress in florals right now since the promotional materials for the show – and its entire Southern Gothic-inspired aesthetic – is very heavy on floral motifs. Which we can’t wait to talk more about when we finally do a costume design analysis of the show, but we’re waiting for the season to run its course first. We’re stuck between loving every episode and also impatiently counting down until the season ends so we can dive in on the costumes.

Anyway, this may be one of our all-time favorite Amy Adams looks.



Style Credits:
First Look: Michael Kors Collection Black Rose-embroidered Silk-georgette Dress from the Fall 2018 Collection
Second Look: Gabriela Hearst ‘Jane’ Floral Silk Dress from the Resort 2019 Collection | Jimmy Choo Sandals

Styled by Petra Flannery

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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